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Punctuated Space: woven / unwoven new works

I’m delighted to announce that I have been awarded a Production Grant to allow me to create an ambitious new body of work. This National Lottery funding awarded through The Arts Council of Wales will support a significant period of time to make new work for my first major solo show at Ruthin Craft Centre in 2021.

I intend to make new bodies of resin-encapsulated and glass-laminated textile works, alongside textile panels akin to those seen in the recent Indian Threads exhibition.  The works will continue to be an exploration into woven and unwoven principles; construction v deconstruction; stability v instability. Long loose threads held secure through entrapment or sparse warp threads will be the ongoing visual language, along with the considered use of colour and line. Inventive use of untypical weave structures has always been a hallmark of my practice and will remain fundamental to this new body of work. 

It goes without saying I’m incredibly grateful to the National Lottery, The Arts Council of Wales and Ruthin Craft Centre for all their support in this next stage in my artistic career. Exciting times ahead…

Laura Thomas