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Bauhaus: Design For Life, BBC Radio Wales

A few months ago I was interviewed about the Bauhaus textile workshop for a BBC Radio Wales documentary called ‘Bauhaus: Design for Life’, broadcast on the 26th July.

“A hundred years after the start of the Bauhaus movement, its simple, practical and honest designs are as relevant today as they were in 1919. Welsh architect Chris Loyn celebrates a century of Bauhaus design by looking at how it continues to influence us - from how we decorate and furnish our homes to the buildings on the high street and the design of 21st century developments across Wales. The landscape we inhabit is populated with Bauhaus design...but most people don’t even know the name.

With personal insights from a variety of interviewees including fashion designer Paul Smith, Chris reveals that Bauhaus design continues to influence, not only artists and designers, but each and every one of us. There has never been a design movement that has changed our world so dramatically yet is so familiar it blends into the background.”

You can listen to the episode here until the 27th August: